The Brian Mulroney Institute of Government and McGill-Queen’s University Press are pleased to announce their partnership in a forthcoming publication series: The Brian Mulroney Institute of Government Studies in Leadership, Public Policy, and Governance.

Titles in this series address critical issues facing Canada at home and abroad, and the efforts policymakers at all levels of government have made to address a host of complex and multifaceted policy concerns. Books in this series receive financial support from the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government at St. Francis Xavier University. In keeping with the institute’s mandate, these studies explore how leaders involved in key policy initiatives arrived at their decisions and what lessons can be learned. Combining rigorous academic analysis with thoughtful recommendations, this series compels readers to think more critically about how and why elected officials make certain policy choices, and how, in concert with other stakeholders, they can better navigate an increasingly complicated and crowded marketplace of ideas.

Series editor: Donald E. Abelson