The Brian Mulroney Institute of Government Resident Fellows Program
The Brian Mulroney Institute of Government Resident Fellows Program has been established to create a network of scholars at StFX whose research has implications for the conduct and implementation of public policy and/or issues relating to governance. The inaugural class of BMIG Fellows are recognized for their expertise in a range of disciplines and will play a major role in enhancing the research capacity of the Institute. During their three-year appointment, each fellow will present a public lecture and contribute to BMIG’s occasional paper series. Biographical information on each of the Resident Fellows is provided below.
James Bickerton is Professor of Political Science at StFX. His research interests are in the areas of federalism, regionalism, and electoral politics in Canada. He is currently completing work on the seventh edition of his textbook Canadian Politics (2020, with Alain Gagnon). Recent publications include “Diversity Accommodation as a Strategy of National Unity: The Case of Canada” in Revisiting Unity and Diversity in Federal Countries (Gagnon and Burgess, 2018). Ongoing research includes a project on diversity accommodation and political stability in Canada, as well as the comparative study of regions. He is an Adjunct Professor of Graduate Studies at Dalhousie University and an Associate Researcher at the Centre for Research on Québec and Canadian Studies. He has held the Eakin Chair in Canadian Studies at McGill University and has been a Visiting Scholar at Cornell, Simon Fraser, Victoria, Barcelona, and Edinburgh.

Patricia Cormack is Full Professor in the Department of Sociology at StFX. She received her PhD in Sociology from York University, specializing in social theory. She researches the place of the Canadian state in everyday life and the state’s role in cultivating nationalism. Her book, written with J. Cosgrave, Desiring Canada: CBC Contests, Hockey Violence, and Other Stately Pleasures, was published by the University of Toronto Press in 2013. She has also studied state celebrity at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, including the Jian Ghomeshi sexual abuse scandal. With M. Lalancette, Dr. Cormack has investigated the role of political celebrity in the 2015 Canadian federal election. Currently, with the recent federal legalization of cannabis, she is studying the provincial state monopoly of cannabis sales in the province of Nova Scotia.

Yvon Grenier (PhD, Université Laval, 1989) is Professor of Political Science at StFX. He is the author of Culture and the Cuban State: Participation, Recognition, and Dissonance under Communism (2017), Gunshots at the Fiesta?: Literature and Politics in Latin America (2009, with Maarten Van Delden), From Art and Politics: Octavio Paz and the Pursuit of Freedom (2001; Spanish translation with Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2004), The Emergence of Insurgency in El Salvador (1999), and Guerre et pouvoir au Salvador (1994). Dr. Grenier edited (a selection of texts and the introduction) a book of political essays by the Mexican Nobel laureate Octavio Paz, entitled Sueño en libertad, escritos políticos (2001), and he received the Essay Award from the Fundación Octavio Paz. Professor Grenier is a former editor of the Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, a contributing editor of the magazine Literal, Latin American Voices, and a board member of the Journal of Conflict Studies as well as Cuban Studies/Estudios Cubanos. He is a regular political commentator for Radio Canada. His current project examines Canadian foreign policy toward Cuba, Mexico, and Venezuela, with a focus on human rights and the promotion of democratic values.

Jamie Levin is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at StFX. He earned his PhD in Political Science at the University of Toronto and an MsC from the London School of Economics. His work focuses on the role of weapons in the resolution of civil wars. Dr. Levin’s research demonstrates how weapons can be a stabilizing force in the resolution of conflict. Previously, Dr. Levin was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Henry M. Jackson school of International Studies at the University of Washington and the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with funding from The Azrieli Foundation. Prior to undertaking PhD studies, Dr. Levin worked as a director of a not-for-profit organization engaged in peace process advocacy in New York City. His work has appeared in both the academic press and popular media, including International Peacekeeping, the Journal of Peace Conflict and Development, International PoliticsInternational Studies Review, the Palestine Israel Journal, Harper’s Magazine, the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, the Walrus, Policy Options, Haaretz, the Jerusalem Post, the Toronto Star, and the National Post.
Katie Aubrecht is Canada Research Chair in Health Equity and Social Justice and Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at StFX. Dr. Aubrecht has a PhD in Sociology of Education from the University of Toronto and is an alumnus of the inaugural cohort of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (IHSPR) Health System Impact (HSI) Fellows. As Director of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation-funded Spatializing Care: Intersectional Disability Studies Lab, she leads an interdisciplinary research program that maps health services, social policies, and community resources related to marginality, mental health, and resilience across the life span, with a focus on rural communities in Atlantic Canada. Aubrecht’s teaching and research in sociology draw on health policy studies, intersectional disability studies, gerontology, and participatory, decolonizing and arts-informed qualitative research methods to analyze disability, aging, and mental health education, policy and practice and explore creative cross-sectoral approaches to person- and family-oriented behavioural health care. Aubrecht is an Associate Scientist with the Maritime Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) SUPPORT Unit, CIHR IHSPR Institute Advisory Board Member, and Board Director with Mental Health Research Canada. She has also served as President and Executive Board Member of the Canadian Disability Studies Association and as Board Director with Eviance (Canadian Centre on Disability Studies).
Louise Groarke is Full Professor in the Philosophy Department at StFX, where he has taught for the last 15 years. He was born in England and has studied in the United States and Canada. He is a Canadian, an Irish, and a British citizen. Professor Groarke’s research focuses on political theory, moral philosophy, aesthetics, logic, Aristotle, and history of philosophy. When it comes to politics, he has a particular interest in the liberalism-communitarianism divide, in theories of individual freedom, and in working out the overlapping relationship between morality, religion, law, and politics. He espouses a moderate view that acknowledges the worth of competing perspectives and provides via media between extremes. Dr. Groarke has published several monographs: Moral Reasoning: Rediscovering the Ethical Tradition (Oxford, 2011), An Artistotelian Account of Induction (McGill-Queen’s, 2009), and The Good Rebel: Understanding Freedom and Morality (Fairleigh Dickinson, 2002). He has also co-edited various collections, including Ideas Under Fire: Historical Studies of Philosophy and Science in Adversity (Fairleigh Dickinson, 2013). An anthology on the world history of ethics (including non-Western sources) is due to be out next year.
Bhavik Parikh is Associate Professor of Finance at the Schwartz School of Business. He obtained his PhD in Business Administration witha concentration in Finance from the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee. His research focuses on international finance, tax evasion, and Islamic finance. Dr. Parikh’s work has been published by a number of notable publications, including European Financial Management, the International Review of Finance, and the Journal of World Business. His article “Tax Havens, Tax Evasion, and Tax Information Exchange Agreements in the OECD” has received the “Best Paper Top Download Award” from the European Financial Management Journal. Parikh regularly presents his papers at Financial Management Association Annual Meetings, Annual Macroeconomics and Finance Meetings, and numerous other academic conferences. He has taught courses on financial management, advanced corporate finance, financial markets, banking, and financial institutions.
David Young is Full Professor in the Faculty of Education at StFX, where he also serves as the Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Leadership. He is also past Chair of the Inter-University Doctoral Program in Educational Studies. Dr. Young’s research is focused on the broad topic of educational administration and policy. More particularly, his current writing deals with issues pertaining to law and education. His work has appeared in a wide variety of publications, including the Education & Law Journal and the Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations. He is also co-editor of Teaching Online: Stories From Within (2014) and editor of Education Law in Canada: A Guide for Teachers and Administrators (2017).

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