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Dr. Peter Kikkert

Dr. Peter Kikkert is the Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Arctic Policy in the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government and Assistant Professor in the Public Policy and Governance program at St. Francis Xavier University. Kikkert’s research focuses on safety, security, sovereignty, and governance issues in the polar regions. He has published on the evolution of international law in the Arctic and Antarctic, the Canadian-American defence relationship in the North, the possibilities and challenges of Arctic transportation, and histories of rural and isolated communities. He has also written extensively on the historic and contemporary role of the Canadian Armed Forces in the North and leadership within the Canadian Rangers. His current research program explores how to strengthen search and rescue and emergency response capabilities and bolster community resilience in the Canadian Arctic.

Kikkert completed his PhD in history at Western University in December 2015. While completing his doctorate he held a two-year appointment (2012-2014) in the Bachelor of Education program at Aurora College in the Northwest Territories, where he taught Circumpolar, Canadian, and Indigenous Studies. From January-August 2016, he held a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council postdoctoral fellowship at Trent University’s Frost Centre for Canadian and Indigenous Studies. In September 2016, he accepted a position as Professor of Public History at Sheridan College, where he stayed until coming to StFX in July 2018. Alongside his current duties at StFX, Kikkert is also a research fellow at the Centre on Foreign Policy and Federalism at St. Jerome’s University, and currently serves as the deputy chair of its Circumpolar and Indigenous Affairs Research Group.

Through his research and teaching, Kikkert has had the privilege to live and teach in the North, sail the Northwest Passage, observe Operation Nanook (2011), participate in training patrols with the Canadian Rangers, and travel on the land, ice, and waters of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories with community-members and Elders.

Selected Publications

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The Canadian Forces and Arctic Sovereignty: Debating Roles, Interests, and Requirements, 1968-1974. Waterloo: Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies / WLU Press, 2010. x, 378 pp.  (With P. Whitney Lackenbauer)

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