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Whole of Government through an Arctic Lens

P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Heather Nicol (Editors) ISBN: 978-1-7753409-3-5 This volume seeks to understand the concept of Whole of Government (WoG) as it applies to activities in the Canadian Arctic from a comprehensive “3D” (defence-diplomacy-development)...

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Canadian Naval Review

The Canadian Naval Review (CNR) is Canada’s leading professional journal on maritime security. It focuses on strategic concepts, policies, historical perspectives, and operations of the Canadian Navy, plus oceans policy, marine affairs, and national security in...

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Arctic Operational Histories

This series is a collection of operational histories, generated from firsthand accounts and official government narratives. Reproduced here as short e-books, each volume offers a unique window into the evolution of Canada’s northern deployments and capabilities....

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Papers in Northern & Maritime Security

The Papers in Northern & Maritime Security is an occasional paper series which brings together expert opinion from across academia, the defence community, and government to examine current and future safety, security, and defence issues in the Canadian circumpolar...

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New Work by Mulroney Institute Chairs

Documents on Canadian Arctic Maritime Sovereignty

Adam Lajeunesse This document compentium charts the evolution of Canada's Arctic sovereignty during its formative years in the 1950s, through the Cold War and across the many challenges which successive Canadian governments faced in defining and asserting Canadian...

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Familiar Fields to Foreign Soil

P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Peter Kikkert Familiar Fields to Foreign Soil tells the story of three rural townships in southern Ontario during the First World War. The authors reveal how people understood home front and overseas experiences and how the war transformed...

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Tracks North: The Story of Exercise Musk Ox

John Lauder, Edited by P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Peter Kikkert In 1946, the Canadian military tested its ability to move across the Arctic in Exercise Musk Ox – an epic 3200-mile journey from Churchill to Edmonton. This volume tells the story of how the Canadian Army...

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Do Think Tanks Matter?

Do Think Tanks Matter? Assessing the Influence of Public Policy Institutes Donald Abelson In Do Think Tanks Matter? Donald Abelson argues that the question of how think tanks have evolved and under what conditions they can and do have an impact continues to be ignored.

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China’s Arctic Ambitions and What They Mean for Canada

Whitney Lackenbauer, Adam Lajeunesse, Frederic Lasserre and James Manicom China’s Arctic is an in-depth studies of Beijing’s increasing interest in the Arctic, offering a holistic approach to understanding Chinese motivations and the potential impacts of greater...

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