In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, evidence-based public policy must be supported by Canada’s academic community. With this in mind, the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government is committed to producing and disseminating policy relevant research analysis. Our work, based on rigorous academic standards and guided by an evolving thematic framework, is designed to engage with many of today’s most pressing public policy questions to inform and enrich the continuing debate.

Canada-US Relations

Canada shares with the United States the world’s longest undefended border, a system of integrated continental defense, and cross-border trade amounting to nearly two billion dollars per day. It is the most important foreign policy relationship that Canada manages, and one of the most complex. Within this theme, researchers examine questions of trade, economics, defence, immigration, and political relations. Understanding this relationship requires knowledge of its underlying foundations, its development and evolution, and current dynamics. By developing international connections, supporting new research, and facilitating an interdisciplinary dialogue between Canadian and American academics, the Institute contributes to informed policy making, strengthened bilateral ties, and a more robust understanding of the continuing benefits of a strong North American partnership.

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Arctic and Marine Security Policy

The Arctic is a region in flux. Climate change, resource development, shipping, and security concerns have combined in recent years to invest the North with a new and lasting significance in Canadian policy and defence consideration. To adapt and lead in this changing Arctic requires understanding: understanding of our Northern history, our stewardship responsibilities, and of the complex dynamics driving circumpolar change. These overarching themes contain a number of subfields, such as Indigenous governance, community resilience, shipping, maritime security and safety, defence, environmental protection, natural resources management, and sovereignty. To this end the Institute supports new and innovative research in this area through policy relevant publication, teaching, public engagement, and the development of new partnerships across government, academia, and industry.

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